eleanor osada | designer, photographer


i am eleanor osada, a 25 year old designer based in sunderland, in the north east of england. i am both constantly inspired and always finding new ways to challenge myself creatively. i have a BA in interactive media design, and earned a disctinction in my MA in design - in which i studied how visual design is utilised in the music industry.

i enjoy working in the realms of photography (both 35mm and digital), merchandise (shirts, posters, pins), cover artwork, branding, illustration, tattoo design, videography/video editing, journalism, photo editing and sound design — but i am very open to finding more creative outlets that i will probably love.

outside of work, i love to go to concerts and travel — and i often find ways to combine the two. i have also been playing guitar for over 10 years, and bass for about 5.

if you want to work together, feel free to say hello!

if you have a specific commission in mind for me, please fill out this form here.

current ventures:
dot dot dash: online music/pop culture publication
somewhere: travel & food blog

warner music group, paramore, ticketmaster, domino recording company, the royal collection, sage, the department of work & pensions (DWP), super yaki

featured in:
dork magazine, coup de main, alt press, buzzfeed